Is numbers clairvoyance accurate?


Many psychic reading websites on the internet offer some numerology readings for money and even for free. This ancient fortune-telling method comes from China for some people when other think that it comes from old Greece. According to some historians who tell us that old mathematicians believed in it because they wanted to understand the world with the help of numbers.

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Numbers are used by professionals but also letters to tell the future. The idea is to use numbers from one to nine and give to each one a correspondence which will have a signification used for predicting the future or giving answers on some questions. The most common used letters are those of the first name but many fortune tellers who tries no be more accurate also use some whole sentences in order to answer an spacial question.

Is it accurate?

Many people will answer yes to this question but the truth is no. it can not be anything else than no because there are as many answers as there are some readers. In one word, each fortune-teller use numerology within is feelings and because also there are many ways to ask a same question and then there are many answers possible.

That’s why we can not say that numerology is accurate, there are others methods which can be used in psychic readings so the best idea is to stay away from this one.