How zodiac readings works


Love, work and even sometimes health, stars are a great answers source. Usually used by many people around the world, astrology is surely one of the most used clairvoyance tool. If this is the most used, does it mean that it is te most accurate? Maybe not but one thing is sure, astrology often surprised by the accuracy of its answers and profiles.

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They are the corner-stone of the astrology. The goal is to understand their movement and influence in order to predict the future but also to establish some profiles. In order to do that, it is true that no astrologer uses a telescope at night in order to see where constellations are. No, when they are honest they use ephemeris to know where planets are and draw personalized map of the sky for their customers and other people, unfortunately the majority, use some software which will draw maps for them. We say unfortunately because these softwares are not only used to draw maps but they also provide automatic meanings which let people sale something which is not really personalized and which is usually sold as “hand-made” astrology even if it is not.

So constellations are very important as we can see but another thing is important in astrology…


Honest or not, human or not, attentive or not, a good astrologer needs a lot of qualities to be a good one. In fact we can find a lot of them on the internet, in classifieds and even close to our home but it is very difficult to know how they work. However there are some clues which can help us to know how they work and they are not so difficult to find as we can see here

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