How to restart your life after a breakup?

One of the mort difficult moment in life is surely the end of a relationship. Many people feel forsaken and useless after their ex have left them. But it that case as in other moments, there are some things to know and things to do in order to feel better and rebuild ourselves.

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Fight painFirst: Stop thinking too much

It is always the same for people who have been left, they can not stop thinking about their ex. Even if they would not, they do, that’s life and it is of obviously worst for those who didn’t decide the end. But the first thing to do is to try to get out of this circle.

Do some other activities

Staying without doing anything is the best way to get mad and to spin around. So forget to eat ice cream in front of tv, it is better to play video game or read something and of course to meet some friends. Video games? Yes, because they force the brain to stay focused on them and when you play you don’t think about your ex. Note that it is exactly the same for people who want to stop smoking.

The most important is to never stop sport or hobby

Why should you stop taking care about yourself? If he left you because you spend too much time doing your hobby, maybe you can think about going slowly on it but if your hobby is not the reason why he left you, the best is to keep doing it and even take this opportunity to get back on your hobby if you have neglected it for your boyfriend. The goal is always the same: thinking about something else and to take care about yourself.

Keep close to your friends

Friends and family are very important in these moments so stay close to them but don’t do one mistakes which consists to talk always of your ex. It can be boring for them and it will not help you to turn the page.

Stay away from drugs

Alcohol, drugs, antidepressants and even food are some traps you should avoid.

You are your own master

If you let things going by themselves, if you stop being actress or actor of your own life you will get down quickly and it will be very difficult to get back to a normal situation. Keep in mind that you are your own leader, nothing even pain can kill you.

What is the best strategy for getting an ex back?

After the end of a relationship it is always difficult to rise again and stay strong. Some people even want to suicide after such shock but it is clearly not the best solution. Why? Because with time everything end including love except for those who don’t accept the truth or for those who want to fight. What women do when they want to fight and get their boyfriend back?

breakupFight or die

Many girls think they can do something when they breakup but the problem of many of them is time: They want to go too fast. But time is the key of success and when women decide to fight, they have to know that the battle will be long and tough.

If you want to get him back, do not let hundreds of messages everyday on his cellphone, do not be behind him every step he takes, in one word: stay cool! Who wants to get back with an hysteric?

Be his friend

If you stay here for him, he may remember how good you are and fall in love again. Who knows?

Hire a witch!

It seems to be a good idea because many girls thinks their ex boyfriend as been possessed by a spell. Many people and mediums are going on this way and even some preachers but it is very dangerous to go in that way because no one can prove the truth of witchery. In fact most studies go in one same direction and for them, nothing is real except in self persuasion. So do not hire a witch, it is a waste of money and a waste of time.

We can not always get what we want

Last important thing to understand can also be the reality. Even if this reality is difficult to accept, in a lot of cases it is better to ask yourself to know if broken things can be repaired or if would not be better to try something (or someone) else. The most difficult is to accept the truth…

All about past life

Even famous psychologists like Carl Jung believe in the existence of past lives. The mediums also believe in that but they have an other way to find some answers about this as about other issues.

Previous lifeHow can we find some details about our past inside ourselves?

There are two main approach of this problem. One is outside, other is inside. Both of them have something in common, the fact that they both need the help of a professional except in rare cases.

With psychology

As we said some psychologists believe in past life and their method to help people to find answers in themselves is hypnosis. It is simple, the patient as to be putted in an altered state of consciousness where he will be able to see his own past. According to professionals it is not dangerous and it can be done even by those who believe in god and are afraid by any religious sentence.

With mediums

They use an other way to read our past: Spirits. The goal is to establish a link between live and dead people and to ask dead people on what the past of the customer was. This is clearly usually a bad way to get answers because the medium has to enter in contact with dead people who is not so simple and has to have a dialogue with someone who knows the one who wants to know about himself. So it is very hard to do.

The paradox

If there is a life after death, why do we rebirth again? That’s a very interesting question. There is another one: If mediums enter in contact with dead people, how these dead people can be able to speak about us without knowing us? In that question, I think we have to dig in the side of the mediums who are mostly liars because they seems to answer also to questions even when they get no answers…

Is numbers clairvoyance accurate?

Many psychic reading websites on the internet offer some numerology readings for money and even for free. This ancient fortune-telling method comes from China for some people when other think that it comes from old Greece. According to some historians who tell us that old mathematicians believed in it because they wanted to understand the world with the help of numbers.


Numbers are used by professionals but also letters to tell the future. The idea is to use numbers from one to nine and give to each one a correspondence which will have a signification used for predicting the future or giving answers on some questions. The most common used letters are those of the first name but many fortune tellers who tries no be more accurate also use some whole sentences in order to answer an spacial question.

Is it accurate?

Many people will answer yes to this question but the truth is no. it can not be anything else than no because there are as many answers as there are some readers. In one word, each fortune-teller use numerology within is feelings and because also there are many ways to ask a same question and then there are many answers possible.

That’s why we can not say that numerology is accurate, there are others methods which can be used in psychic readings so the best idea is to stay away from this one.

When Satan dwell in our chidren toys

Some people alert us to the danger of some kind of toys our children play with. According to these people there is a danger to let kids play with some cards or some video games because these are strongly linked to Satan himself and maybe mad by him. Could it be true?

DevilThe image of the dark side

Many toys show the dark side in their pictures. Drawings, colours, stories, some video games and toys are clearly inspired by the devil, even some of them are representing the darkest part of the beyond but according to those who take this issue seriously, the devil can also be himself behind these toys and that’s the main problem.

What is the danger?

This question can be weird but it is a good one because only a few people is able to say what is really dangerous in that point. The danger for people who can explain it is the fact that some players can be possessed by the bad spirit and even can be controlled by Satan. 

What is the reality?

Those people are usually to influenced by religion. They live, they think according to Jesus and God. But they are also blind and closed to a lot of things about the real life and see the reality through the prism of the bible they are sure to know and understand clearly.

The truth is out there. Toys manufacturers are driven by a the desire to make money. For that, they now study how children works, what they like, what they want and they produced what will be sold. In fact the devil is not where we think he is, he is not in the pictures, he is not turning out our children to him but these companies are making millions with the image of the devil because children like that. They like to feel strong they like to play with their own fears and they like these toys.


The devil is not behind these toys, they are not dangerous in that point but it does not mean they go in the good way, they just create sometimes some violent children and paranoid parents overly influenced by religion…

Who are psychic readers?

They should be professionally trained people but the reality is somewhat different. Those who pretend to be psychic readers are usually unemployed people with just some little skills in clairvoyance. So how to make a choice? Here are ten ways which can help to find some answers.

1/ Pictures

They are the first thing we can see in websites but there are usually not showing the truth. What happen is the fact that these picture represent some people who are not the people online. The pictures can be found by webmaster or workers to illustrate their account but do not reflect the reality.

2/ Comments

Sometimes we can see some stars or some comments at the bottom of the profiles. How can we know that they are true? How can we know there is no filter? That’s the problem so the best way is to not follow them.

3/ Psychic reading method

Some people use tarot cards, some other astrology or numerology. Do you think an astrologer can performed an accurate and personalized horoscope in five minutes? No, it is not possible so there are two possibilities: One, they use a software so they are not good clairvoyant or, two, they spend one hour online and it will cost a lot.

4/ Medium?

It means that the psychic can read your future without any tool. Just by the power of is spirit he can enter in contact with hidden forces and read your future. This is in fact 99,99% fake so it is better to not contact this kind of people in order to avoid problems. The truth about mediums is they are usually not very effective because the existence of their power is not proven and even if they had some, they always tell general things, never give any details.

5/ The price?

It does not have to be accurate so don’t think a cheap price will give less value, it is not true.

Last but not least: This very important to be able to find informations about a website. Who is behind? Is it a big company?  What are the comments on forums about this website? All these questions are important to get a good psychic reading.