Feeling dead people ability

This is usually the ability naturally given to those who can feel spirits around them. The can not always communicate with them but they can feel presence and power of spirits. Being a clairsentient is usually natural born given as we said before but according to some mediums we can develop this ability if we knows how to improve our knowledge and also our capacity to sense things we usually not.

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Who are clairsentients?

Usually normal people, not crazy or insane, sometimes people who already have some mediums or clairvoyants in their family but not always.

Where can we find them?

Usually these people are known in the little cities. elsewhere internet is the best way to find them but be carefull because it is better to not trust every websites and to be carefull when we make choice.

What makes the difference between them and mediums?

Mediums are people who feel some signs of dead people, clairsentients can feel energy, they feel more than understandable signs, they feel power and hidden things even to mediums.

The power of mind

Mediums are numerous to say there are some spirits around us, they are dead already but not totally and live among us. Some of them are nice, some of them are evil as always in every human being group life.

Mediums and reality

They are people who say that they can feel dead people spirits and also know how to release someone possessed by a demon but the problem with these medium is the price they ask that’s why some of them say they can do it freely. But they are not many and difficult to find.
The reason why free psychic removal are not easy to find is because they say exorcism is dangerous and also because all work deserves salary. The real question in fact is not to know if there are real mediums but if you are possessed and if spirits are among us or not.

Be careful

Not many people are really possessed by a demon, they think they are but they are not. Hollywood, medias, crisis, internet and liars, they are a lot who tries to makes americans believe they are possessed by demon but int fact some seems to be really possessed and some not, so be careful…

Those people who feel ghosts

When you feel some strange feelings when you are at home or if you see some weird activities, maybe you are faced with a ghost. But if you can see some manifestations you can still have a doubt on the reality of this manifestation. Is it a ghost or something else? In that case, only a medium can tell you the truth… In theory.

What is a ghost?

Someone who died in your house and cannot reach the beyond. After that, he stays where he used to lived before and keep doing always the same things until something or someone comes to disturb him or help him to go where he has to go.

Who can feel ghosts?

Some people called mediums have this ability. As they say they can feel ghost’s presence. The can then contact entities and start a kind of dialog with them. Some even use this to talk with spirits and answers people’s questions.


Not really, in fact no scientists can say if this is the truth or not and the only thing we can do is to trust mediums. That’s why if you believe you got a problem at home with a ghost, be carefull and think twice before calling a professional because you can be sure that he will come, will feel something and will ask you a big amount of money. So if there is something sure it is the fact that we are sure of nothing!

Alchemy in few words

When we talk about alchemy we see an old man in front of his deck manipulating tubes, chemical products and dead animals. We think he can convert stone into gold and can cast a spell on anyone. The reality is not so far from this but deserve to be more detailed.


Alchemy is the part of the paranormal where alchemists try to manipulate the reality using some ingredients and spells. What id interesting with that is the fact that alchemists are not mediums, they don’t try to enter in contact with hidden forces but just try to drive them or not with real things.

Cineration is the process used in alchemy to convert inactive substances in active material. For that things are usually burnt or just heated.

Mixing is also very used by alchemists. They usually mix expensive things and sometimes disgusting things in order to prepare some esoteric liquids.

They also can tell some priors in order to get what they want.

Does it work?

No. It doesn’t. That’s the problem and that’s the reason why less and fewer people believe in it except in North America where a lack of education and smartness seems to be  gaining some ground. The internet also lives the opportunity to let rebirth some old beliefs.

It does not work because there is no possibility to take control of someone with any spell. Maybe when you mix some bad products of course you will be able to make poison but that’s not what we call alchemy, it is just a kind of chemistry.

Remember that alchemy is a mix between chemistry and wizardry.

All about past life

Even famous psychologists like Carl Jung believe in the existence of past lives. The mediums also believe in that but they have an other way to find some answers about this as about other issues.

Previous lifeHow can we find some details about our past inside ourselves?

There are two main approach of this problem. One is outside, other is inside. Both of them have something in common, the fact that they both need the help of a professional except in rare cases.

With psychology

As we said some psychologists believe in past life and their method to help people to find answers in themselves is hypnosis. It is simple, the patient as to be putted in an altered state of consciousness where he will be able to see his own past. According to professionals it is not dangerous and it can be done even by those who believe in god and are afraid by any religious sentence.

With mediums

They use an other way to read our past: Spirits. The goal is to establish a link between live and dead people and to ask dead people on what the past of the customer was. This is clearly usually a bad way to get answers because the medium has to enter in contact with dead people who is not so simple and has to have a dialogue with someone who knows the one who wants to know about himself. So it is very hard to do.

The paradox

If there is a life after death, why do we rebirth again? That’s a very interesting question. There is another one: If mediums enter in contact with dead people, how these dead people can be able to speak about us without knowing us? In that question, I think we have to dig in the side of the mediums who are mostly liars because they seems to answer also to questions even when they get no answers…