Belline 53 card deck

It is maybe the main reason why Belline oracle is so accurate: 53 cards. When other people use tarot of Marseille major arcanas consisting only of 22 cards, other use Belline, they are not as many but most of them find it very accurate and that’s the most important.

300x250 blue

B103An old creation

Created in france by Jules Ernest Billaudot, this deck is inspired by what already exists with some images like the tower or something like the devil but it is also an original creation which overcomes the shortcoming of others. Created in the second part of the 20th century this deck is still use as it is today.

What makes it better

Belline oracle is still used today with original interpretations it seems insignificant but it is not because to many people in the world think they know tarot card meanings but they not. In reality they just give their own vision of tarot cards. With Belline Oracle it is different. Because the name of each card is clearly understandable and each signification is given with the deck, there are no mistakes possible and it makes reading very easy even for beginners.