Feeling dead people ability


This is usually the ability naturally given to those who can feel spirits around them. The can not always communicate with them but they can feel presence and power of spirits. Being a clairsentient is usually natural born given as we said before but according to some mediums we can develop this ability if we knows how to improve our knowledge and also our capacity to sense things we usually not.

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Who are clairsentients?

Usually normal people, not crazy or insane, sometimes people who already have some mediums or clairvoyants in their family but not always.

Where can we find them?

Usually these people are known in the little cities. elsewhere internet is the best way to find them but be carefull because it is better to not trust every websites and to be carefull when we make choice.

What makes the difference between them and mediums?

Mediums are people who feel some signs of dead people, clairsentients can feel energy, they feel more than understandable signs, they feel power and hidden things even to mediums.