When Satan dwell in our chidren toys


Some people alert us to the danger of some kind of toys our children play with. According to these people there is a danger to let kids play with some cards or some video games because these are strongly linked to Satan himself and maybe mad by him. Could it be true?

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DevilThe image of the dark side

Many toys show the dark side in their pictures. Drawings, colours, stories, some video games and toys are clearly inspired by the devil, even some of them are representing the darkest part of the beyond but according to those who take this issue seriously, the devil can also be himself behind these toys and that’s the main problem.

What is the danger?

This question can be weird but it is a good one because only a few people is able to say what is really dangerous in that point. The danger for people who can explain it is the fact that some players can be possessed by the bad spirit and even can be controlled by Satan. 

What is the reality?

Those people are usually to influenced by religion. They live, they think according to Jesus and God. But they are also blind and closed to a lot of things about the real life and see the reality through the prism of the bible they are sure to know and understand clearly.

The truth is out there. Toys manufacturers are driven by a the desire to make money. For that, they now study how children works, what they like, what they want and they produced what will be sold. In fact the devil is not where we think he is, he is not in the pictures, he is not turning out our children to him but these companies are making millions with the image of the devil because children like that. They like to feel strong they like to play with their own fears and they like these toys.


The devil is not behind these toys, they are not dangerous in that point but it does not mean they go in the good way, they just create sometimes some violent children and paranoid parents overly influenced by religion…