How to restart your life after a breakup?


One of the mort difficult moment in life is surely the end of a relationship. Many people feel forsaken and useless after their ex have left them. But it that case as in other moments, there are some things to know and things to do in order to feel better and rebuild ourselves.

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Fight painFirst: Stop thinking too much

It is always the same for people who have been left, they can not stop thinking about their ex. Even if they would not, they do, that’s life and it is of obviously worst for those who didn’t decide the end. But the first thing to do is to try to get out of this circle.

Do some other activities

Staying without doing anything is the best way to get mad and to spin around. So forget to eat ice cream in front of tv, it is better to play video game or read something and of course to meet some friends. Video games? Yes, because they force the brain to stay focused on them and when you play you don’t think about your ex. Note that it is exactly the same for people who want to stop smoking.

The most important is to never stop sport or hobby

Why should you stop taking care about yourself? If he left you because you spend too much time doing your hobby, maybe you can think about going slowly on it but if your hobby is not the reason why he left you, the best is to keep doing it and even take this opportunity to get back on your hobby if you have neglected it for your boyfriend. The goal is always the same: thinking about something else and to take care about yourself.

Keep close to your friends

Friends and family are very important in these moments so stay close to them but don’t do one mistakes which consists to talk always of your ex. It can be boring for them and it will not help you to turn the page.

Stay away from drugs

Alcohol, drugs, antidepressants and even food are some traps you should avoid.

You are your own master

If you let things going by themselves, if you stop being actress or actor of your own life you will get down quickly and it will be very difficult to get back to a normal situation. Keep in mind that you are your own leader, nothing even pain can kill you.