What is the best strategy for getting an ex back?


After the end of a relationship it is always difficult to rise again and stay strong. Some people even want to suicide after such shock but it is clearly not the best solution. Why? Because with time everything end including love except for those who don’t accept the truth or for those who want to fight. What women do when they want to fight and get their boyfriend back?

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breakupFight or die

Many girls think they can do something when they breakup but the problem of many of them is time: They want to go too fast. But time is the key of success and when women decide to fight, they have to know that the battle will be long and tough.

If you want to get him back, do not let hundreds of messages everyday on his cellphone, do not be behind him every step he takes, in one word: stay cool! Who wants to get back with an hysteric?

Be his friend

If you stay here for him, he may remember how good you are and fall in love again. Who knows?

Hire a witch!

It seems to be a good idea because many girls thinks their ex boyfriend as been possessed by a spell. Many people and mediums are going on this way and even some preachers but it is very dangerous to go in that way because no one can prove the truth of witchery. In fact most studies go in one same direction and for them, nothing is real except in self persuasion. So do not hire a witch, it is a waste of money and a waste of time.

We can not always get what we want

Last important thing to understand can also be the reality. Even if this reality is difficult to accept, in a lot of cases it is better to ask yourself to know if broken things can be repaired or if would not be better to try something (or someone) else. The most difficult is to accept the truth…