Those people who feel ghosts


When you feel some strange feelings when you are at home or if you see some weird activities, maybe you are faced with a ghost. But if you can see some manifestations you can still have a doubt on the reality of this manifestation. Is it a ghost or something else? In that case, only a medium can tell you the truth… In theory.

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What is a ghost?

Someone who died in your house and cannot reach the beyond. After that, he stays where he used to lived before and keep doing always the same things until something or someone comes to disturb him or help him to go where he has to go.

Who can feel ghosts?

Some people called mediums have this ability. As they say they can feel ghost’s presence. The can then contact entities and start a kind of dialog with them. Some even use this to talk with spirits and answers people’s questions.


Not really, in fact no scientists can say if this is the truth or not and the only thing we can do is to trust mediums. That’s why if you believe you got a problem at home with a ghost, be carefull and think twice before calling a professional because you can be sure that he will come, will feel something and will ask you a big amount of money. So if there is something sure it is the fact that we are sure of nothing!