Alchemy in few words


When we talk about alchemy we see an old man in front of his deck manipulating tubes, chemical products and dead animals. We think he can convert stone into gold and can cast a spell on anyone. The reality is not so far from this but deserve to be more detailed.

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Alchemy is the part of the paranormal where alchemists try to manipulate the reality using some ingredients and spells. What id interesting with that is the fact that alchemists are not mediums, they don’t try to enter in contact with hidden forces but just try to drive them or not with real things.

Cineration is the process used in alchemy to convert inactive substances in active material. For that things are usually burnt or just heated.

Mixing is also very used by alchemists. They usually mix expensive things and sometimes disgusting things in order to prepare some esoteric liquids.

They also can tell some priors in order to get what they want.

Does it work?

No. It doesn’t. That’s the problem and that’s the reason why less and fewer people believe in it except in North America where a lack of education and smartness seems to be  gaining some ground. The internet also lives the opportunity to let rebirth some old beliefs.

It does not work because there is no possibility to take control of someone with any spell. Maybe when you mix some bad products of course you will be able to make poison but that’s not what we call alchemy, it is just a kind of chemistry.

Remember that alchemy is a mix between chemistry and wizardry.