Who are psychic readers?


They should be professionally trained people but the reality is somewhat different. Those who pretend to be psychic readers are usually unemployed people with just some little skills in clairvoyance. So how to make a choice? Here are ten ways which can help to find some answers.

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1/ Pictures

They are the first thing we can see in websites but there are usually not showing the truth. What happen is the fact that these picture represent some people who are not the people online. The pictures can be found by webmaster or workers to illustrate their account but do not reflect the reality.

2/ Comments

Sometimes we can see some stars or some comments at the bottom of the profiles. How can we know that they are true? How can we know there is no filter? That’s the problem so the best way is to not follow them.

3/ Psychic reading method

Some people use tarot cards, some other astrology or numerology. Do you think an astrologer can performed an accurate and personalized horoscope in five minutes? No, it is not possible so there are two possibilities: One, they use a software so they are not good clairvoyant or, two, they spend one hour online and it will cost a lot.

4/ Medium?

It means that the psychic can read your future without any tool. Just by the power of is spirit he can enter in contact with hidden forces and read your future. This is in fact 99,99% fake so it is better to not contact this kind of people in order to avoid problems. The truth about mediums is they are usually not very effective because the existence of their power is not proven and even if they had some, they always tell general things, never give any details.

5/ The price?

It does not have to be accurate so don’t think a cheap price will give less value, it is not true.

Last but not least: This very important to be able to find informations about a website. Who is behind? Is it a big company?  What are the comments on forums about this website? All these questions are important to get a good psychic reading.